XK Histories

The Histories of XK120s, XK140s, XK150s

We have now for some time collected the histories of XK120, 140 and 150 Jaguars anywhere in the world – yes, all 30,000 of them.

We are therefore interested in hearing from you about your XK – in fact any XK you have ever owned or even just know about. Particularly appreciated are the stories of the cars from the 1950s and 1960s as that information is just so hard to come by these days.

We have a lot of information about XKs which we are unable to tie to an identity – usually a chassis number is what we are looking for (although other numbers will usually be enough to identify a car). registration numbers are valuable as it is they that show up on old photographs as the most likely source of identification of the car.

We may in due course publish here details of cars from around the world which are unidentified, in case a visitor to this site might occasionally be able to give us some more information.

Anyway, we would love you to email either or both of us with information about any XK120, 140 or 150, including photographs, copies of registration or licence logbooks or documents, and copies of JDHT / JHT heritage certificates. Please also advise the identity of your car, ideally from the numbers on the plate in the engine compartment if you can. We will then know for sure what car you are talking about.

Please contact us here.

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