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“… by any standards, this is an amazing book … an incredible feat of research … the detail is just amazing and there are so many fabulous period illustrations that reek of period atmosphere. It is brilliant … If you want one of these tomes, you will need to hurry as I am certain they will sell out very quickly and, like the original book, rapidly become collectors’ items. I cannot praise this book highly enough … a masterpiece.”

Philip Porter, founder, International XK Club: XK Gazette, September 2010

“… even more than the first, it is an astonishing book … Within the chapters there is also a vast amount of general information on the XK120 so all in all, this is a book whose appeal extends way beyond those living in the territories covered. Yes, it’s expensive, but the cost will soon be forgotten in view of the many hours of enjoyable browsing it will give – and, who knows, as only 750 of the limited edition of 1,000 have been printed, it could itself become a collector’s piece in the years to come.”

Paul Skilleter, August 2010

“The book is so sensational I can’t find words to describe the depth and scope of its contents. It is a masterpiece and extremely important from an historic perspective – let alone fascinating.”

Les Hughes, Jaguar Magazine, 10th May 2010

Book of the Month: “The wealth of detail is stunning and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the NZ section, which is absolutely packed with information. … An absolute must for Jaguar XK enthusiasts.”

James Black, New Zealand Classic Car, 21st September 2010

“… Our friends Terry McGrath and John Elmgreen have done it yet AGAIN. … We are also proud to be connected with the book having contributed some old photos and historical content over the course of the last few years. It’s a bloody good book … make space on your shelves for a copy. Like their first XK book, it can only rise in value (like the cars).”

Eli Solomon, Rewind Magazine, Singapore, May 2010

What a wonderful book it is! An extraordinary effort … The amount of information researched, then collated and presented in an easily read and enjoyable format is simply mind boggling. The pictures are just great and very helpful in shaping my own thoughts on a re-paint colour.

   – AS, New Zealand (April 2010)

What can I possibly say that would do justice to the book which you guys have produced? I have not had the opportunity to “get into it” yet as I only received it this morning. BUT, I have to tell you that it is an incredible publication with a vast amount of fascinating details and pictures about these wonderful automobiles. You are both to be congratulated on an outstanding book which will be revered for years to come not only by the XK enthusiasts who are named in the book, but by everyone who has been connected with XKs since their creation way back in 1948. Well done – I salute you both. … Yes, the Kenyan section is fascinating and I am amazed that you succeeded in accumulating so much detail which makes for great reading.

   – PF, South Africa (May 2010)

The book is superb. Well done.

   – CM, New Zealand (June 2010)

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