The Jaguar XK120 in the Southern Hemisphere
Limited Edition

Front Cover

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About the book

The book sets out the histories, so far as we have been able to ascertain them, of every XK120 Jaguar to have been in the Southern Hemisphere - and, because we are geographically challenged, a few other places as well.

It is 488 pages long, in a large page format (about 25cm x 34cm or 10" x 13"), contains entries for about 925 separate cars, about 280,000 words, and about 1090 photographs - only some 25 of which appeared in our previous book. It has been printed in full colour. Of course many of the older photographs were originally taken in black and white and remain so, but full colour here means that any photograph that was in colour originally is reproduced in colour, wherever it is in the book - not just a 16 page section in the middle. This was a very costly decision, but one that represented the 'no compromise' nature of the project.

The book includes the known histories of no fewer than 55 alloy XK120s. In addition, many XK120s covered are either now or have spent time in parts of the world other than those specifically covered, such as:

  • USA – 203 cars
  • UK – 143 cars
  • Europe – 51 cars.

The new book is a follow-up to our book The Jaguar XK in Australia which was published in 1985. However, as we expanded the boundaries outside Australia, there was too much information to put into one volume for all XKs and therefore we have had to create separate books for each model. The last two books (XK140s and XK150s) will follow in coming years, with the XK140 volume to include racing histories as well.

We have never stopped collecting XK histories but serious work on the current book did not start until 1996. So it has been a long haul over 14 years, not to mention all the earlier work. Many thousands of man hours have been spent. This time could have been spent restoring several XKs...

We acknowledge the expert help of Kylie Prats of ePrintDesign in Sydney in putting the design and layout of the project together.

Limited edition - 1,000 copies

The book was announced as an edition limited to 1,000 numbered copies (plus a few copies for libraries etc). However, the initial print run has in fact been 750 - of which more than 1/3 were the subject of pre-publication written 'expressions of interest'.